At your choice nutrition our highly trained staff is ready to welcome our new and returning patients.

Our facilities include a consultation room, fitted with state of the art anthropometric and nutritional assessment equipment; a meal preparation room for training purposes regarding best culinary practices and portion size training.

We are also ready to welcome visiting representatives in our meeting room, where we are also able to provide group sessions and training sessions on various health-related topics.

Your choice Nutrition is also equipped to host special physical training sessions with an emphasis on underwater physical training held at our private swimming pool.

Parking space and valet service is available for our patients.

Our food production division includes a central kitchen for all hot dishes as well as an assembly line for cold foods. Packaging and distribution are carried out at our assembly line location.

Body composition through Air Displacement Plethysmography for Health, Wellness, and Performance.

Gold Standard accuracy using whole-body densitometric principles
Excellent test-to-test repeatability
Fat and Fat-Free Mass measurements
Fast test time (2 minutes inside BOD POD and about 5 minutes total test time)
Safe, non-invasive, and ideally suited for frequent testing
Flexibility in testing special populations

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