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Your Choice Nutrition is proud to announce the kickoff of the Khalik Riadi Project in cooperation with the Public Authority for Sport, the Surra Cooperative Socienty, Lift Yourself, Pillars Group and Q8Marine. A 5K Fun Run is scheduled for the 5th of November as part of the Khalik Riadi Project. Register now! Join the 5K Fun Run and do your part for charity! Join now, you can do it! Coming soon: Dr Sara Diaz will be delivering a lecture on The Myths of Sports Nutrition on the 19th of September. More details coming soon. The conference on Sports Nutrition Myths will be held on the 19th of September at the Abdullah Al-Salem Center for Leadership Development in Khaldiya at 18:00.


Your Choice Nutrition Consultancy offers you the World’s healthiest and friendliest food plan. We invite you to the joys of healthy eating and an awesome everyday life.

In today’s maddening world, we have become addicted to quick fixes that don’t change anything. Most of what we put into our body drains and drives us to illnesses instead of nourishing us.

Your Choice Nutrition is not just a fancy takeaway food service. With our nutrition solutions we want to remind people about the joy of eating. Beyond a weight-loss clinic, we promote optimal health to bring out the optimal you.

Who we are

Your Choice Nutrition Consultancy was established in December 2014 as a solution to the decreasing health and wellbeing of the population in Kuwait. These ailments are strongly related to nutrition and food selection and many people were looking for high quality nutritional counseling services. Our team at Your Choice Nutrition, guided by Dr Sara D. Garduño-Diaz’s years of experience in providing personal nutrition guidance across the world, is our greatest strength in combination with our state-of-the-art equipment, facilities and personal care.


We cater to your taste and needs. Let us worry about your food so you won't have to.

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Our Solutions

Meal plan design and body composition assessments to help you reach your goals.

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What we offer

We provide one-on-one nutritional consultations as well as group packages for optimal wellness. Our programs are personalized for specific needs and include tailored options for health maintenance, weight gain, weigh reduction, competitive sports and body building nutrition, diabetes dietary programs, and cardiovascular care. We do not just measure your weight and send you off. At Your Choice Nutrition you will have a personalized program designed just for you. This means that you will meet with the nutrition doctor to evaluate your personal case, establish your own goals and design your individual strategies to meet your goals for a healthier life.


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